“Snack” Size It

How many times during our lives have we been told to eat three meals a day with no between-meal snacking?

Which generation are you from?!

No matter… Many women have been breaking this “law” most of their lives and with good reason. The body is hungry from low nutritious foods and demands to be fed!

So here is one basic skinny I have been sharing with women for years who come to me and want to know how I keep from gaining weight and how they too can lose weight and keep it off.

“Snack” Size It… Starting with breakfast time eat 300-500 calories every 2-3 hours (depending on your activity level and other factors) which equals to approximately 6-8 times a day. At first you may feel a bit hungry but your body will get use to it in just a few short days. When eating faithfully in this way you may also notice you have stopped eating most of your calories in the evening which you want to avoid since studies have shown late night snacking leads to stored fat during sleep time.

Carefully monitored this is one excellent way for most of us to control our weight and achieve healthy weight loss and increase our energy levels for a lifetime.

Let’s look at your body as a power moving machine. Before you are able to start your engine you must first put fuel into it. Right? And you can not expect your vehicle to run efficiently without regular fill-ups, oil changes and tune-ups either. Your vehicle consumes most of its fuel when it is active, or in overdrive. Once you have trained your body and in a routine, you will find you are happier, healthier, lost weight and gained a lot more energy.

Each day make eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus three additional snack size meals, a fun and creative time.

Keeping this one basic approach to any diet (Greek word meaning; “A Way Of Life”) plan, along with a healthy support system, we are able to become inspired to keep moving.

Well as the diet nibblers of the world we have the advantage in healthy weight loss since we are able to actually burn more calories then the three meal a day dieters. In my previous article titled;  Feed Your Body To Burn Calories, I shared some important facts you may want to review. Of course, there are many other factors to consider when looking to achieve healthy weight loss which we will explore in the weeks to come.  So as you are approaching a healthy lifestyle change remember to keep it simple, choose to be happy (it is a choice you know), and believe you will soon be energized making the time to do the things in life you have only been dreaming about.

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So be creative and don’t forget to have FUN in the process!


Sandi :)

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