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  • Did you know that about eighty-five percent of people who go on a diet without behavioral support gain the weight back within two years? And that many of these dieters are suffering from poorer long-term health then non-dieters?
  • For years the health care community has been talking about how critical diet and exercise are to our health, but with little to no success in implementing them as a lifestyle lifetime change.
  • Everyone wants to live a life free from disease with a lifetime of good health and more energy.
  • If you are among the 65% of adults struggling with being overweight there is hope for you!
  • Weight loss of just 5% to 10% of total body weight has shown in recent research and studies to produce long-term health benefits from lowering blood pressure to lower blood cholesterol in people suffering from type II Diabetes Mellitus as well as lowering the dosages of many prescription medications.
  • Studies have also shown that long-term weight loss is successful through portion-controlled, structured diet plans with meal replacements.

Graphic1Studies conclude that the loving care and program support from others to be the most powerful factor in successful long-term weight loss…


1986 to 1995 – While attending Boise State University as a Physical Education student, Sandi had the opportunity to work into the position of Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for Nautilus Swim and Fitness in Boise, Idaho. Sandi was able to apply first hand knowledge into every program. Immediately upon entry into the club and before starting any fitness program she would encourage each new member to schedule a computerized body composition test from the lab performance center located on site.

From the test results Sandi was then able to help the member set realistic fitness and health goals to achieve their personal desired weight. And with individual body comp testing throughout the members fitness program Sandi was able to work with the member toward maintaining that desired weight as a part of their lifestyle change.

2001 – Sandi stepped into Site Manager for Diet Light/Lady Fitness/PACE out of Corvallis, Oregon, as a Weight Management Consultant and Fitness Consultant. Computer programs were soaring at that time and Sandi used her creative ideas to team up with BioAnalogics of Beaverton, Oregon. Their Health Management System (HMS) paid off as being more then just a body composition testing program. The HMS programs also included the ability to keep safe and accurate records for every client for future follow-ups on fitness as well as their nutritional progress.

2003 to 2005 – After much study and preparation Sandi took off on her own locally and created Fitness4Fun. A weight management consulting business she designed specifically for women with weight loss issues, using the BioAnalogics HMS program.


“Staying Focused on Target Goals”


The computerized body composition testing being used today- ElectroLipoGraph (ELG) and Health Management System (HMS) – is more advanced then any program Sandi has found. It has up to date technology along with solid documented studies and research to stand behind this program system. And Sandi can continue to keep confidentiality on all clients by storing documented data efficiently and safely.

When used in Sandi’s practice today, at HighEnergyBound!, clients and physicians will still agree this lean mass to body fat percent way of testing really helps in motivating the client to stay focused on target goals since they can see the results by way of the computerized read outs.**(The “ELG Data Report”, shown to the left, is calculated at the beginning of a clients program along with the “Nutritional Recommendations Report)


 “It’s not enough to want healthy weight loss and be eating the right diet.
It’s also important to have Encouragement and Program Support of others…
A powerful factor in achieving a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime” Sandi



“Lifestyle For A Lifetime Target”


Once the client has established a goal path with the help of her Coach (Sandi), and has worked part way through her program successfully, a second body composition follow-up test is scheduled to verify  successful changes. With this Client Body Composition History report (shown to the left), she now has a positive tool to help keep her visually focused on obtaining a realistic goal.

(Depending on clients needs and the target weight loss will determine frequency of testing)

When the client has successfully reached her goal another body composition follow-up test is scheduled to determine final changes.

Setting future goals is ‘one key‘ to successfully keeping the weight off.

Clients can schedule body composition testings every three to six months following the end of their weight loss program.

These reports become a helpful tool in keeping the client on a “Lifestyle For a Lifetime Target”.


**This Health Management System and computerized reports are recognized by the American Dietetic Exchange Program , Nutrition and Dietary Program, American Sports Medicine Institute, and The Cooper Institute.



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