Get Up And Get Moving!!!

God is good at opening doors and using those close at hand to make a way for us to get up and get moving !!!

Thank you Janet for all you are passionate about, in the way of computer technology, to help newbies like myself.  Without your help I would have continued to stumble and be discouraged with putting together a web page or just understanding my software from my hardware or even if I needed one! And then there is this constant issue with my computers whacked out behavior! What’s up with that anyway!!! Frequently I’m ticked off because it is constantly hungry for more memory!

There is so much more involved from getting all the programs I need to just getting online that get’s me very overwhelmed and frustrated sometimes. For now I have to figure out how to use it!!! So for that, Janet, I am thankful you are in my world =D

Besides being such a good friend and being most patient with me, you are the respected owner of Mr B. I would be honored to have you both come for a visit next Spring! Mr B and Tigger could play in our flower garden while you and I just sit quietly in our easy chairs, under the trees of the patio, enjoying some nice soothing herbal tea :)

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