Move It ! To Lose It !



Want To Lose Weight Fast???


Yes! You know you need to lose weight but you need “HELP” to get motivated in order to be more active so you can feel better about yourself and have more energy to do the things you’ve been wanting to get started on… 



Lose Weight Before Summer!!!

Getting motivated to lose weight and exercise we know has been tough for you. We understand the hardest part is just getting started! You have probably heard of ways you can be more active like; parking further out in the parking lot of your favorite store or mall, using stairs instead of the elevator, etc. Well, we’ve created the ‘Top Ten List’ of ways you can lose weight by summer…

“Move It!  To Lose It”!

  1. FIRST you have to decide TODAY to be pro-active EVERY DAY. That does not mean you have to go out and join a gym. Be an active thinker and create ways to get up and get moving whenever possible. Just by spending more time standing or walking you will burn A LOT more calories than being glued to that chair
  1. SCHEDULE yourself in on days you know you need to workout. You are just as important (actually more important) then those doctors’ appointments, hair salon, etc. PUSH yourself each week to follow through with the activity plan you have chosen whether you have a gym membership or not. Once you get through your first 30 days you will be in a routine and on your way to lose that weight by summer!
  2. ARMOR UP! with your comfortable sneakers and even your favorite shirt, jacket or workout cloths. By actively doing this you will be in the mood to Get Going!
  3. ADD VARIETY each week to keep you motivated. You will get bored doing the same thing everyday and soon be discouraged and give up. (Never To Give Up!). The more you practice adding variety each week the more motivated you’ll get too!
  4. BUDDY UP! Who do you know that can help you be accountable? You can plan meeting two or three times a week for at least 30minutes to go to the gym or a nice walk, etc.. If one gets lazy the other can encourage ONWARD!
  5. PUT ON some upbeat music and “BOOGIE” to the beat on days you are by yourself! Even if it is just for a few minutes think how much better you’ll feel!—  I know I do (LOL)
  6. WRITING out a TO DO LIST each week for projects or things you have put off and wanted to get done. THIS WORKS! Cross them off as you complete them. You will have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment = motivated to do more.
  7. CREATE short term attainable GOALS each week that will allow yourself flexibility on days you find you just don’t have the energy to go that extra mile. Some days the energy just isn’t there and it is good to have a Plan B
  8. FOCUS your mindset to HAVE FUN!!! If not you’ll get bored or won’t feel like following through or you might even talk yourself out of your plans before you get started looking to it all as a duty you must perform.
  9. REWARD yourself for doing such a great job! Do something nice for yourself at the end of each week for choosing to “change your ways”. Go get a massage (my fav), get a pedicure with your favorite polish (2nd fav). Or buy yourself something special as long as it is within your budget and not food related. Don’t want to break that piggy bank or add those calories back on!

*With these helpful weight loss tips we know you will be motivated to get up and get moving NOW!!!

To make this your own personal list to work in your world, start by actively creating ideas today and in the days ahead you will know where to tweak, refine and put into a routine that works specific for your lifestyle .

What do you have to lose but a few pounds?

Your MISSION this week, if you choose to have the courage to accept it, is to find realistic ways you can be more active by following the “Top Ten List” and discover what works best for you within a 30day period.

Just Imagine, before you have realized it…you’ve gained a healthier routine and lost weight in the process!


Here is a great example of how one person put her mind in motion to get up and get moving!
Coach Jenny Hadfield  creates a treadmill desk to walk and work in order to improve her lifestyle performance!











CWC-Cetified Wellness Coach,

Weight Management Consultant

*Let us know if you have any questions or need support or would like more info about HighEnergyBound!  and the Support Team behind us  “Contact Us!” anytime!



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