What is our relationship with food and how can we restore valuable energy back into our lives?

If we are ever going to truly be set free from the power and negative effect food has had over our lives then I believe we must first be able to have the courage to recognize the Joy Stealers in our life.
It is then we can successfully have the desire to move forward and tap into the power that is able to heal us, energize us, and sustain us.

Not too long ago I asked a weight management group of women at a local diet & fitness center where I was counseling at the time, what were some of the main questions and issues they were troubled with the most.

These were women much like yourself who had been struggling with over weight issues most of their lives.

You may be able to relate to some or even all of their answers shared in the group:
“Why do I constantly over eat?”
“Why did I gain more weight than I lost after dieting?”
“Why am I thinking of food all the time?”
“I am so tired of losing and gaining weight!”
“If I just hadn’t eaten that…I wouldn’t feel so bad”
“I just don’t seem to have any control over what I eat!”

The underlying struggle I was hearing the most, even though they did not list as one of their concerns…

“I just don’t have the energy to start another diet plan!…I know I have to do something!”

When commenting to them about their energy levels I had their attention. They were focusing on the food-the symptom-and not the actual issue of what was drawing them to make those food choices and then followed by taking that first bite.

With all the successful weight loss programs we have available to us today, and there are some excellent ones out there which we will be visiting in this series titled, “Joy Stealers”, we have read and seen where many folks are losing the weight but the main question we all are asking is why then are there over 80% of so-called successful dieters regaining the weight (and more) within two years?

And just this week the new Gallup Report came out revealing even more on how the number of people struggling with overweight, obesity, & chronic illnesses has climbed to over 86% of the workforce not only here in the US but in the UK, and Germany.

It is clear with all the information and programs available to us the issue of permanent weight loss continues.

This is the focus behind this series and we would like to invite you all to walk with us as we visit some of the top leaders, experts, and authors in the health & fitness industry. They will be sharing with us their insight on some of the root causes of what they think may be affecting our energy levels in our relationship with food and what solutions they offer in this health and weight loss dilemma.

During this journey we want to be sensitive to those with specific health conditions and those that may be on certain prescribed medications that can also cause the weight to fluctuate as well as effect mood changes, etc…

We are hopeful this information will still be of value to you. However, the general information, views, and opinions stated in this series are not to be used to diagnose or treat or use in place of any medical condition. We encourage you to seek first the advice of your medical physician.

We are also hopeful you will consult your health care provider with any health or diet concerns you may have before implementing any changes into your lifestyle.

Tomorrow we will post our first segment in our series. We are excited to bring you what we believe to be the heart of the issue of permanent weightloss.


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