Getting Real With Food

Part One…
Whether you have traveled the many weight loss roadways or not you may have already discovered how certain foods affect your energy levels on a daily basis.

Talking about our relationship with food and why we make the food choices we do has much to do with our emotional state at the moment of crisis. But have we considered the “food triggers” lurking close by ready to steal our joy from our daily sense of well being?


Are we forgetting we are made up of not only body but also mind and spirit?

To better understand our relationship with food, the first stop on our journey in this series titled, “Joy Stealers”, is a visit with Kay Sheppard MA, licensed mental health counselor, certified eating disorder specialist and author of, “Food Addiction/The Body Knows”.

Since the beginning of her own struggles with food that led to what Ms. Sheppard refers to as ‘food addiction’, she shares with us her own discovery about ‘food triggers’ and the recovery process that has worked for her.

“Without intervention, food addiction will relentlessly rob the unsuspecting victim of all joy and happiness.” Kay defines food addiction as a disease with symptoms and characteristics which can be recognized, that treatment is available, and that with accurate information and support people do get well and recover.

Along with being able to recognize harmful ‘trigger’ foods in our diet, the concept of physical abstinence from binge foods such as sugar, wheat, and flour products has proven successful for many.

Years ago I had obtained and read through a copy of this book. At the time I had already discovered how certain foods were affecting my moods, energy levels and mental stability. Kay’s book was another confirmation I was on the right track to complete recovery. I agree with Ms. Sheppard on the importance of considering how addiction can affect all areas of ones life and how food addiction is a symptom that should be carefully looked at in helping us understand why we make the choices we do and how we can return to a healthy state of well being.

Since its publication, “Food Addiction/The Body Knows”, has been one of the primary resources for RFA (Recovery from Food Addiction) where it is considered conference approved literature, and for many 12Step programs. There is hope in finding freedom in the joy of eating, and stop the cycle of continually falling victim to negative and hidden food products.

To conclude our visit through the pages of this fascinating book we wanted to be sure and note the sections on Managing Food with a list of  ‘abstinent’ foods, and some menu ideas. Also, there is a Quick Reference Food Plan and Self Diagnostic Test to determine if you may be a food addict.

We encourage you to visit Ms Sheppard’s website,, for more articles and information. You may also check your local library for a copy of her book and other resources on this subject of food addiction.

Thank you for coming along with us today. We really enjoyed touching a bit on this subject of food addiction. And we also thank Kay Sheppard for her time in writing on this subject and sharing her personal views.

So join us next week when we continue our series on “Joy Stealers” when we talk with some of the folks that have some amazing stories to share in their adventure in discovering their relationship with food.



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