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In the last 30 days I have been moving forward in becoming more creative with my fitness and diet plan by adding more variety into my cross training schedule and eating right plan. We all need a balance of both in order to meet our personal needs and gain the quality of life we desire. My health goal this season is to push myself daily to stay more active and eat more wholesome foods to gain the endurance and high energy levels needed for the upcoming season of outdoor FUN!!!

Today I have also committed to the Cooper Institute’s interactive program;

“Stand Up and Eat”

“This 12-week program will help you make physical activity a part of your  everyday life. How do we know? Because this program is adapted from a research project conducted by The Cooper Institute, Stanford University, The University of Tennessee, and the National Institutes of Health. So it’s based on sound science.”

And since I just signed up;

“Tomorrow you will receive the first Get Active weekly e-newsletter. It will introduce you to a specific strategy for changing your physical activity level. Each week thereafter you will receive a different strategy to add to your physical activity toolkit. Each e-newsletter will have a:

* Main article describing a proven behavior change strategy.
* Downloadable worksheet or two that will help you  apply that week’s strategy.
* “Real life” story of someone who found a way to get active.

* Tip or two about using step counters. You  don’t have to have a step counter to do the Get Active Program, but it is a useful tool if you have one. If you want to use a step counter, buy one that counts only steps. You don’t need all the other features like tracking miles and calories burned. They are not very accurate.

You can order a step counter from The Cooper Institute.”

They will also periodically provide information on timely physical activity research news.

“Your job each week will be to review the main article and complete the accompanying downloadable worksheet. You’ll  also enjoy reading the weekly success story and other tips provided.”

The Cooper Institute is currently enrolling people to start with their summer 2010 group so get yourself and your sedentary friends and family involved!!!

Just go to the link;  Stand Up & Eat web site ( and  click on the “Sign Up” link in the “Get Active!” box on the right side.

And that’s it!!!

You too can become a participant right in your own home! Cool huh?

This is another great tool for me to stay accountable to the goals I have set for myself this season and the upcoming year!!!

NOTE If you haven’t started looking into a fitness or nutritional program that will work for you, just know there are many healthy and accredited ones out there that are sure to work with your lifestyle.

Just don’t give up!

And remember, everyone needs support and accountability to be the person they desire to be.

It just takes one step at a time :-}

Adventure Onward!

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