Emotional Eating

Part Two…

In our relationship with food there are many different reasons why women have difficulty losing weight and keeping the weight off permanently.

We have explored the food addiction issue where certain ‘trigger foods’ can lead someone to binge especially after a crisis situation. Discovering these triggers and the process of eliminating them from the diet has helped many in their battle against permanent weight loss.

This week we want to look a little deeper into the emotional joy stealers that haunt many of us when dealing with long term weight loss. These triggers can lead us into a downward spiral, where we can find ourselves hitting bottom before we realize what happened.

Think about it;

  • Are you often comparing yourself to others? Unhappy with your body image?
  • Are you looking for approval from others but just don’t feel like you measure up or matter?
  • Are you hard on yourself when you ‘blow’ your diet?
  • Do you restrict yourself daily of the proper nutrition your body needs because you think you are not thin enough or you fear gaining more weight?
  • Are you binging when things just don’t seem to go your way, or you are angry or upset over a current life crisis?

These are just some of the situations that can lead to emotional consequences. This can be due to our inability to recognize the signals or signs of attack before we are emotionally wounded. We may then find ourselves binging or relapsing. This behavior can cause us to experience feelings of hopelessness and despair.

You may even go on a restricted diet, however, this action can lead to mood swings, depression, and putting the body into a starvation mode because you have deprived yourself of valuable nutrients that keep the body healthy, in balance, and energized.

Until you are really ready and able to have the courage to stand and shout, “I’VE HAD ENOUGH!”, you will continue in this destructive cycle that can only lead to serious mental problems and chronic health issues.

Once you have come to a place in your life where you are able to clearly understand how you have used food as a coping strategy to maintain this unhealthy way of life (negative lifestyle), you will start to see life differently. Along with finding the help and support you need from others, and actively be working out a realistic recovery plan, it is then you will be free from the hopelessness you have felt for so long. It is then you will have the power to take the necessary ‘step up’ onto a new path that can positively lead you toward the goal of a healthier, happier lifestyle for a lifetime.

Sincerely, from my heart to yours, these things I share with you after listening to the many stories from women I’ve met and counseled over the years regarding this weight loss dilemma.

With all that being said, we are excited to continue on our journey in discovering our relationship with food and how we can restore valuable energy back into our lives, we are overjoyed to be able to spend some time this week with Kimberly Taylor CWC, and author.

We are walking through the pages of one of her popular books titled, “Overcoming Emotional Eating God’s Way”.  Mrs. Taylor shares with us how there is hope in overcoming emotional eating and she also shares some of her own life experiences in battling emotional eating for over 20 years.

Mrs. Taylor reveals how she tried diet after diet but in the end only gained more and more weight. She discovered with all the dieting her “emotional eating habit remained.” And that, “The dieting was just a temporary band-aid over a deep wound… As soon as I felt emotions that were too painful to handle, food was waiting for me with open arms. But I didn’t know any other way to live.”

She goes on to share how a life threatening experience changed her life and how her strong trust and faith in the power of God brought her to a place of understanding and healing, helping to overcome her battle with emotional eating.

Mrs Taylor states, “…the best part (I discovered is) that God can be trusted and his word is true…He is the Great Physician. He healed my emotional pain and comforted me during tough times. He still does. I turn to Him first whenever I am emotionally upset. I know he is the only one who can fix it…”

Mrs Taylor concludes by saying, “I promise that if you trust God, your trust will not be misplaced. You will soon be able to testify of his healing power to others. Just like I am right now.”

If you too want to consider the possibility that God is the source for your recovery (after all how has what you’ve been trying working for you today?) Mrs. Taylor includes a step by step process of how God’s intervention worked for her. Just log into her website at www.takebackyourtemple.com for details.

We hope you too have been encouraged to know you are not alone in this emotional battle with weight loss and that there is help for you.

Please contact us for any questions or concerns you may have as we are available by clicking on the “Contact Us!” tab at the top of this site.

Next week we will continue our series on “Joy Stealers” when we bring you another surprise guest we know you will enjoy hearing from.



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