Award Failure?

Last weekend I read an article from A&P News about the movie actress, Sandra Bullock making an appearance at the “Razzies” to accept an award for worst actress of the year in the movie “All About Steve”.  After watching the video I was awestruck at how creative and extremely positive her attitude was in her acceptance of the award.

This totally hit home with me!!!

How many of us actually react to failure in this way?

The rest of the news release went on to mention how Sandra went to the Oscars the very next evening and won best actress of the year award for her role in “Blind Side”.

I just loved her final comment to the press when asked about how close she will keep the awards displayed, she replied, “Right next to each other…it’s all about the balance.”

Yes! But what does this have to do with health and wellness or fitness and nutrition? Plenty!!!

In looking at the obstacles we desire to overcome, how can we expect to move ahead of these obstacles successfully if we are not willing to positively accept who we are in the process?

For instance let’s look at our eating habits in just the last seven days. I believe most people tend to focus on their failures instead of the progress made. Reacting to the higher number of failed days instead of the one or two productive days.

When we approach managing our health with a positive mindset, looking at what we have accomplished, we are more apt to succeed.

Therefore, with this approach we are also less likely to feel discouraged and give up. Just like any habit, changing our mindset takes time.

Just don’t give up!

We keep on falling down and getting up until we see change. Until we see the one or two productive days turn into two or three days. This will actually encourage us to move onward! Even if we have a bad week we remember the positive productive days and we get up the next day and get moving!

When we have fallen down and gotten up enough times we will  have attained the award of what we have gleaned from the experience. In turn this will become our lifestyle!

I do hope this little “taste” of awarding your failures with a positive and creative mindset has encouraged you to put your thoughts into motion!

Continue forward toward your goal!


Sandi :)

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